There’s something about Cake Stands that make me swoon..and it’s not just the sweets displayed on top of it, it’s the colors, the shape, the different heights and how they complement the cake- It’s a *throne* for our queen cake we spent hours {and hours} decorating! Wouldn’t it be great if you could have matching and unique cake stand with every cake you designed&decorated without breaking the bank? Yes! YES! So I found you these 2 links, with tutorials how to make your own stands: one with ceramic, and one with wood. I can already hear you casually say on your next party “oh those? the pastelcolored cake stands? oh..that’s just something I made myself” {say “designed” for more impact!} Both methods are super easy. I will give them a go myself. thinking it will also be cute to glue those pom pom trimmings you find in fabric/home furnishing stores around the edge of a cute individual wooden cup cake stand.

Wooden Cake Stand: