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Icing Smiles


One more sleep til our new book hits the bookstores!! We have partnered with our publishers online webstore! They offered us 7% of net booksales for each and every sale that came through our website.

Since we are very engaged with Icing Smiles, a non profit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child, Saskya and I would like to donate that percentage to this wonderful charity that is very close to our heart.

We have negotiated that the shipping costs are free too- so if you’re interested in our book please follow this link to order and not only treat yourself to almost 60 yummy recipes but also support Icing Smiles.

Thank you xx Saskya & Monica




Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish you a very happy easter weekend! 4 days of brunches + chocolate ahead of us — woohoo!


I made a small cake today to celebrate easter. I decorated the top with a birds nest made of spun sugar and filled it with chocolate eggs.



Just heat  1 cup cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of glucose or corn syrup to 310F. Let it cool off slightly and dip a vork in it; pull high and swirl above a piece of parchment paper . Easy peasy and it looks like a golden nest.  Enjoy the long weekend xx Saskya & Monica







‘ Ello!  We promised you some sneak peeks and the cover of the new book…well give you a little bit of both today..

We wrote in our last post that writing a cookery book can be somewhat of a rollercoaster. Just since a couple of weeks things have slowed down here in my kitchen;  I managed to cook a proper meal after months of takeout-thai  and even traded my kitchen clogs for high heels and made it to a party – got at last some fresh air, brushed my hair like a normal person and drank a proper cocktail!

It’s a rollercoaster because for months you work on the recipes and pictures- then send it off to the publisher and then …you just keep your fingers crossed and pray pray pray the graphic designer translates your work into the book you envisioned.  There are many stakeholders and teams consulted when choosing the art direction & cover of the book; from sales teams to marketing teams – you have to trust their expertise and let go. Much like you send your baby to their first day of school. Will they be in good hands?

Letting go of my baby is a Very. Hard. Thing for me to do- especially given that I am a complete “out of control” – control freak! If you’re a pastry chef or cake designer I know you can relate. You have to be a little cuckoo to work for hours and hours on a single cake or sugar flower. Everything needs to be just perfect. Imagine you have baked layers and layers of cake, worked days on decorations and then… someone else finishes the cake. See?

To me, the graphic design of a book is hugely important. It can be the sole reason for me to buy a book.  I could actually open a bookstore with the books I have purchased over the years– it’s just something I do on weekends, like other people tend to their gardens; I browse bookstores. Novels I read religiously but lifestyle books I just get them because I want them.  And I want them because I am drawn by the look & feel of the book; the graphic design.

I could buy a book with a theme that has no interest to me –such as  “ The fish whisperer. Learn to communicate with your goldfish in just 10 days with 32 hands on exercises ” . If the graphic design is appealing I will get this book and then some for my friends.  And I don’t even have a goldfish!

We had the pleasure of working with Manon Jansen of Pier 3 Creatie on the graphic design of our book.  She deserves an award . She’s a star!!!! I am not easy to work with. I am like a macaron; the enfant terrible in the pastry department; require special treatment, I am demanding and behave badly when things don’t go the way I want.  But Manon didnt crack under the extreme pressure and was beyond lovely!! Our “baby” was in good hands. We are very pleased with the interior pages and she has created many beautiful cover options to go with it.

The publisher ultimately chooses the cover. Manon went above and beyond and has created cover after cover for us all to choose from. So many actually that it was hard to choose. There are 2 in particular that we fell head over heels in love with and would like to share with you….

It’s not the final cover—but it would have been if it were only up to us! Since we promised you a sneak peek of the  book we couldn’t think of a better image – as these to us represent really well what this book is all about.

We will post the final cover soon….but meanwhile hope you enjoy this sneak peek ..Let us know what you think. x Sas & Monica



behind the scenes ~ profile picture


Yes..it’s OK to laugh ..as you can see we tried everything but found out we can’t even strike a pose!! We thought it would be simple.. a fun and casual picture but it’s kind of hard to graciously bite into a cup cake – or look natural when you are not allowed to move or the picture will be blurry?!  and then saskya.. cracking up every 5 minutes haha! We never got the picture ..but we did have loads of fun trying!

We will be sharing the cover of our book soon – so stay tuned friends xxx Saskya & Monica

me and my new camera – my new camera and me. {i must remember blog titles should be catchy and above all short!}

hellooo friends!  as you can see  {this being my 3rd post in  3 days!}.. my average of 3 post per 6 months has increased — well exploded !  ..and its not only as a result of more free time but also since i am starting to enjoy taking pictures.

i have had this  camera for a while.. but only recently started using it.. never even bothered to read the manual but who cares. i am having fun. so much fun that today i actually mananged to take this shot…

spelling out my sisters initials in candy letters. yes. that’s what happens after a busy period working of on a book and then all of a sudden… you have a day off. well actually it was half a morning. but still. i was  **free**  and found myself a little lost. taking pictures of candy letters…! candy. letters. ! you actually have to go through the bag and look for the letters you need. thats a sign of too much free time i’d say! imagine the dinner table conversation;  “so how was your day?”  ” oh very interesting. i spelled out my sisters name.  in candy letters.  and then took a picture!” “{in response he just blinks. in slow motion..}”

so i need a new project.. and will soon pick up where i left off with Icing Smiles as we are working on starting new chapters in Australia, the UK and Canada. We will soon be launching Icing Smiles Holland too – at last! can’t wait to help these chapters hit the ground running.

xx Monica

buttercream pattern obsession

after yesterdays girly, frilly and above all PINK ruffle cake-  i decided to make a blue cake today. just to counter balance all the sweetness.

i think i might have a new love affair with butter cream. again- just 15 minutes with this one. i know. and all you need is a palet knife. a round piping tip and off you go. pretty cake in no time. i might try a different pattern tomorrow. see?  obsessed.


so happy.. yesterday we wrapped the book!!! hooray! there will be some little details to work on following weeks but the heavy lifting has been done. and.. done and… DONE!phew!

we ran out of pages {and time!} and have not been able to include all the images or ideas we wanted to share with you like this beauty here; texture you can create with a piping tip, buttercream and just 10 minutes. 


so we decided to share them on our blog. along with little sneak peeks of the book now and then. 

but first, i am going to have the first night off since what seems for ever and watch all the episodes of masterchef i taped.  xx monica

Sweet Table Contest Submissions & Sponsors

WoooHoo! So excited to finally share with you the Sweet Table submissions from my fellow bakers & cake designers in the
Netherlands. You made me proud Dutchies!! When I launched the contest it seemed  to take forever to receive the first
entry- I was so impatient! The “rules” were that I was only allowed to post 3 submissions at a time. I received 2  after a few weeks .. and then held my breath for the 3rd so I could  dedicate a blog post to it and show it off.. and nothing came… for what  seemed to be forever.

So I decided to get started working on my own  sweet tables and then just last week one after the other started to pour in…
I took today off today to work on this contest so giving you all the Sweet Tables that have entered today in random order with a little note from the  designers & if available a link to the detail photos. Again, I am so very proud of all of you – thank you for participating! Hope you all had lots of fun working on it and that it inspired you do more sweet/dessert tables in the future.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to vote on our Dutch submissions. Thats a good thing tough as I would have a hard time choosing.

I would like to reward you all with a grand prize as I sure know you all deserve it – but a competition is a competiton so in the end there will be one Dutch winner.. that will be up to to the international judges. I will be voting for my favorite sweet tables in other countries.


So.. as for the Dutch grand reward…  we have 2 amazing sponsors on board. Please  allow me to introduce them to you. I am so grateful for their commitment to  reward our star sweet table designer!

The Dutch winner will be rewarded with a  macaron workshop at Poptasi.

It had to be included { I can’t help myself!}- you know how much I love  those colourful chic bites. Macarons are always a winner on any dessert &
sweet table- so from now on under the guidance of Patrick van Drie from Poptasi  you will master that infamous technique and make the most stunning macarons.

Here’s a little background info on Patrick. I  have seen his macarons- and they are just purrrrfect {such a talented & passionate pastry chef!} – I can only imagine how  delicious they are. He just opened his first shop and hope to visit soon!

Patrick van Drie: “The  only way to do great work, is to love what you do” (Steve Jobs). En dat
omschrijft precies wat wij doen. In maart 2011 zijn wij Poptasi Pastry
begonnen. Vanuit passie voor patisserie. Want patisserie vinden wij mooi,
inspirerend en ontzettend lekker. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in Macarons. Daar
kun je eindeloos veel creativiteit in kwijt. In zowel smaak, kleur als creatie.
Maar we maken met net zo veel plezier slagroomtruffels of gebak.

Ik kom oorspronkelijk  uit de reclamebureau wereld, waar ik werkte als Art Director. Als Poptasi
maakte ik street-art schilderijen en beeldjes. Dat groeide uit naar tees en
toys. M’n laatste, leukste en lekkerste ontdekking is de wereld van patisserie.
Veel patissiers denken vanuit ingrediënten en smaak. Ik denk graag
vanuit concept en creatie. Dat maakt mij geen Patisserie-Chef, maar eerder een
Art Director – Patissier.



Now that you have the prettiest macarons… we will reward you with a shopping  spree at the trendiest sweet tables shop in Belgium;

Pink Lemonade!

I am a big fan of Paper Eskimo products to dress up your party and was  happy to learn that Pink Lemonade founded by Mieke has picked up the dessert  table trends and offering my favourite goodie bags, striped paper straws and  all the other goodies. Mieke knows all the latest trends in party styling so  keep an eye out for her web shop. Pink Lemonade will reward the Dutch winner  with a 250 euro shopping spree! Why again was i not allowed to enter myself?  Ooh my goodness. How much are we loving Pink Lemonade??? Loads!!!


About Pink Lemonade:

De “One Stop Shop” om al je party’s te

Van gestreepte candy bags, naar retro papieren rietjes, fantastische
baking cups, bakery twine in funky kleurtjes, masking tape met toffe motiefjes
en andere onmisbare party essentials.

Wil je een gegarandeerd “WOW” effect, gebruik dan zeker de
“party ware” van Pink Lemonade!

A big thank you to both Poptasi and Pink  Lemonade for rewarding our stars.They sure deserved it as I know how much time   and effort goes into creating a sweet & dessert table.

Ok my lovelies –  so after announcing the presents and their sponsors it’s finally time to reveal the entries…here the come in
random order. Click on the picture to enlarge it and admire the details.  Enjoy xx


A retro vintage table by Comex Komariah from The Hague

The dessert table was created for Odilia’s 1st birthday.


A Sinterklaas table by Anja Roubos (Tarte taart An) from Houten

She worked on the sweet table with her sister and even made “borstplaat’. Only 2 of my favorrite things!

Ik heb voor een Nederlands thema gekozen, namelijk
‘Sinterklaas’. Ik bakte kruidnootjes, maakte mijn intocht-taart (het Grote Boek van
Sinterklaas!), 5-decemberkoekjes, Caramel Cups met rode en witte
accenten, mijters & staf van meringueschuim, rode Sinterklaas macarons
met witte chocolade & frambozen, witte roomborstplaat en bakte
speculaas. De tafel heb ik samen met mijn jongere zus geheel in
Sinterklaas-thema aangekleed, inclusief boot, pakjes en mini Sint.

Additional pictures  : http://tartetaartan.blogspot.com/p/tarte-taart-sweet-table-contest.html



Winterwonderland Table by Bianca Schmohl from Zaandam

Met de donkere (feest)dagen voor de deur vind ik
het heerlijk knus om thuis te zijn, genietend van een winters landschap met
veel zoetigheid!


Additional pictures : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002832403018



Princess Birthday Table by Elizabeta (Liza) Veljkovic

In honor of her little girl Ena’s 3rd birthday. How precious and what a lucky girl!



Uit Grootmoeders Tijd Table by Leonie van Goor en Heidi Smit

Wij hebben een tafel gemaakt met oudhollands gebak: Bijvoorbeeld
boterkoeken, griesmeelpudding met geroosterde hazelnoten met een bramensaus,
stroopwafels, bitterkoekjestulband, tulband met rozijnen en sukade, poffertjes
met poedersuiker, arretjescake, warme chocolademelk met slagroom, speculaasjes,
roomborstplaat, moorkoppen, pannenkoeken met stroop, zuurtjes en
kaneelkussentjes etc etc.. Al deze zoetigheden gedecoreerd met spulletjes van


Additional images: www.taartvanleonie.mijnalbums.nl



Sweet Table by Jose Roos

After shooting the table she enjoyed all the sweets with her 5 sister  inlaws.



Home Sweet Home (Country Romance) by Alma Steefkerk from Groningen

Ik heb tijdens het ontwerpen van deze Sweet Table het ‘Country Romance’ gevoel
aangehouden. Om dit landelijke romantische gevoel te krijgen heb ik gekozen
voor een klepbankje in plaats van een tafel en heb ik hier een ladder op
geplaatst. Ik als basis voor wit gekozen en hier voor de ‘romantic touch’ kant
en roze rozen aan toegevoegd. Ik heb de kleur roze gecombineerd met de heldere
‘sky blue’. Dit geeft het een iets stoerdere touch. Als ik denk aan ‘Country
Romance’ denk ik aan ‘thuis’ waar je met je familie taarten bakt en waar het
huis naar vanille ruikt. Daarom heb ik de letters ‘HOME’ toegevoegd: om een
thuis-gevoel te creëren.

Op de Sweet Table zie je van links naar rechts cupcakes, cakepops, taart,
marshmallowlolly’s en koekjes. Daarachter vind je snoeppotten en aan de lader
hangen ook koekjes.

Additional Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/almastreefkerk/sets/72157628264297031/with/6252730631/


Black – White and Red Table by Lis Franso from Utrecht


I decided that my 33rd birthday would be a good occasion for my first
sweet table. Of course this lead to my favorite colourscheme: black and white
with a splash of red. To get a bit more uniformity in the styling I decided on
a black and white stripey pattern as the overall theme. Sweets were bought and
made and invented to fit into this theme. I just loved doing it!

Additional pictures: https://sites.google.com/site/delisioussite/home/sweet-table


I See Your True Colors Wedding Table by Daphne Stollé from Groningen

The phrase “I see your true colors and that’s why I love you’ from the
song ‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper popped up in my head while I was
brainstorming for the sweet table for this competition. Immediately I figured
out that I wanted to make a colorful sweet table for a (fictitious) wedding. I
wanted this table to be romantic and rustic, yet modern and fun.



Additional pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/70143357@N06/sets/72157628236371207/



Marie Antoinette Table by Anke Nederkoorn

Marie Antoinette wordt op haar 15e uitgehuwelijkt aan Lodewijk XVI. Zij leeft in een gouden kooi een probeert te
ontsnappen in excentrieke feesten. Ik kan er eindeloos over vertellen, over haar hartstocht voor kostbare sieraden, haar  minnaars… maar ook over Marie Antoinette als zorgzame moeder. Zij wordt middelpunt van felle kritiek, met als hoogtepunt de beschuldiging van de gevleugelde uitspraak ‘Let them eat cake’, als reactie op het uitgehongerde Franse volk.

Veel inspiratie dus. Zo verwerkte ik in mijn Sweet Table voor die tijd modieuze kleuren als wit, roze en goud met
rozen en aardbeien. De taarten en cakes zijn gevuld met chocolade, aardbeien en slagroom. Het kleine taartje staat voor de gouden kooi. Ik had veel plezier met het maken van deze tafel. Geen enkel kruimel is overgebleven maar dankzij mijn schoonzus heb ik de mooie foto’s.

Additional pictures : https://picasaweb.google.com/AnkeNederkoorn/STC?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCI6YrJuO7qX9Ww&feat=directlink



Wedding Table by Bianca Jenema-Dorenbos

Additional pictures  http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=IQZUWE6I


Bollywood Table by Shari Bhattoe


Additional pictures http://sweetshaar.blogspot.com/2011/12/bollywood-thema.html


Alice in Wonderland Table by Machteld Vermeer & Nadja Willems

Elk meisje wil toch een prinsesje zijn? Met deze Alice in Wonderland sweet “table” waant de jarige zich in een echt sprookje.
Midden in het bos, omgeven door een sprookjes sfeer en heel veel lekkere zoete traktaties. Een sprookjeswereld wordt even werkelijkheid.

Additional pictures:  http://www.taartjesvanmaggie.mijnalbums.nl/


Sweet Table by Jolanda de Jong from Groningen

Jolanda was the first contestant to send in her submission. She loved working on it – and even created a “Sinterklaas” inspired table only a few weeks later.


Red & White Table by Katja Boumans & Katja Dohmen from Herkenbosch



Additional pictures: http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album-7RAOBO4G-Foto%27s-in-Wessem-Foto%27s-van-Voorwerpen-Taart.html


Let it snow….in The Netherlands by Mary Hooft from Voorburg


The idea was to get a feel of a snowy landscape but with the hint you may be
in The Netherlands. This is shown with the use of the Dutch Canal houses as a
runner behind the table and the house candle holders. The serving plates were a
mixture of glass for a feeling of ice and white ceramic with plastic grass
covered cake boards drenched in icing sugar for again the feeling of snow.
Snowflakes suspended from balloons floated above the table and were also used on
the table runners to decorate. Little silver bird card holders were used for
holding the names of the deserts which looked like the small birds that come to
your garden in winter to be fed.

Additional pictures: http://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=51b1b57f52176e776cbbd47cbb382743


Sweet Table by Robine Ponte 



Assepoester Table by Marianne van Beek en Silvia van Adrichem

We hebben gekozen voor assepoester-stijl waarbij het kasteel en de koets de taart zijn.De muizen zijn van fondant en staan op stroopwafelcakejes met een toef van aardbeiencrème.In de torens van het kasteel staan cakepops.In de glazen schaaltjes en champagneglazen hebben we verschillende soorten lekkernijen gedaan, zoals whoopies gevuld met aardbeiencrème, cakepops, hartjes, colaballen enz. En een pot met snoep en grote lolly’s.Onder de kaarsen staan glaasjes gevuld met ranja.We hebben er erg veel plezier aan beleefd!


Sweet 16 Vespa inspired Table by Rietchy 

Additional pictures: http://www.rietchys.nl/index.php?option=com_phocagallery&view=category&id=18:sweet-table-contest-2011&Itemid=39


 Baby Owl Table by Monika Plewinski from Rotterdam

Luc, het zoontje van mijn beste vriendin werd 1 jaar en daar hoort natuurlijk een feestje bij. Omdat de thema van Luc’s fotoboek van zijn 1e levensjaar uiltjes waren hebben wij dat ook aangehouden als thema voor zijn taart en de sweet table.


Winter Wonderland Table by Marjolein  Smeenk 

For me winter is truely the most wonderfull time of the year. I love how snow and ice can transform the world and give it a magical feeling.
But as beautifull as it can be outside, winter is also the time to stay inside and share time with your friends and loved ones.
And what better way to do this then with a sweet table in the style of a winter wonderland?

 Additional pictures https://plus.google.com/photos/100046678003386058365/albums/5684622585354650657


 Christmas in the City Table by Anne ter Haar from The Hague

I was inspired by a modern Christmas in the City, choosing for the colours black and white in combination with more traditional (Christmas) green. The sweet table is part of an elegant cocktail party with friends in the holiday season. The sweets I baked are all with traditional Christmas flavours.


Once Upon A Time In The East Table by Elvira Rusche-Dam


Ik heb gekozen voor diverse cupcakes, met chilipeper, veel chocolade, zilver en nog wat “oosterse lekkernijen” zoals vijgen, zoethout en natuurlijk de waterpijp. De “rozen” zijn gevuld met cake, lemoncurd en witte chocoladeganache. Verder een superdonkere chocoladeganache met roze zoutkristallen en verse baklava.

 Additional pictures: http://frommysecretgarden.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/sweet-table-contest/

 Arabian Nights Table by Tante Fatima & Loes

Our theme is 1001 Night. It s all about the Arabian nights. The Arabian nights are inspirable by the magic colours, smells and tastes.

Sultry nights of fairytale stories. A world that is different and tempting and awakens fantasy. These are the tales of 1001 nights. Sheherazade tells a new storty every night that isn’t finished, in the harem of King Shahryar, to postpone her beheading another night. Every night she taked the king away to a world full of magic in colour and food. He has a sweet tooth, so this was the inspiration for our theme. The colours red, purple and gold aren’t indispensable in the Arabian world.  

Ons thema is 1001 nacht. Het gaat allemaal om de Arabische nachten. De Arabische nachten zijn inspirerend door de magische kleuren , geuren en smaken. Zwoele nachten vol sprookjesachtige verhalen. Een wereld die verleidelijk anders is en de fantasie prikkelt. Dat zijn de ‘Vertellingen van 1001 Nacht’. Sheherazade vertelt iedere avond een nieuw verhaal dat nog niet af is, in de harem van koning Shahryār, om haar onthoofding weer een nachtje uit te stellen. Iedere avond neemt ze de koning mee naar een wereld van magie met kleuren en eten. Hij is een zoetekouwer, dus dit was onze inspiratie voor ons thema. De kleuren rood, paars en goud zijn niet weg te denken in de Arabische wereld.

Additional pictures http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=KFL3DNSQ

 Sweet Table by Karen Anne Groothedde


 Additional pictures: http://karenannecakes.blogspot.com/2011/12/sweet-table-contest.html


Pink Christmas Table by Ghislaine Wilms- Bernards

 Additional pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/102914634129305349475/SweetTableContest2011#


Warm Christmas ~ Cold WinterTable by Karen Strydom from Elst

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and when I decided to create my very first sweet table, I just ‘had’ to go with this theme. I chose the colours white and silver, representing the cold and icy element of winter, together with purple to add warmth.
On my sweet table you will find ‘snow ball’ cake pops, ‘snow flake’ mini cupcakes, ‘season greetings’ cupcakes, ‘christmas bauble’ mini cakelets, ‘christmas tree’ mini cakelets, macarons, candy balls and chocolates, ‘christmas tree’ cupcakes, and an icy-snowy 2-tier cake…not to forget the glühwein to warm you up.
I enjoyed doing this thoroughly, but have a lot to learn in creating a professional dessert table ;-)


 Venetian Carnival by Anja van Diepen from Amsterdam

Thema is Venetiaans carnaval, het hele Venetiaanse carnaval draait om pracht en praal maar ook gaat het carnaval erover dat je niet je ware gezicht wilt laten zien. Daarom draagt men maskers. Ook een duidelijk herkenbaar symbool is de nar. Hiervan heb ik een table gemaakt.  Venetiaans porcelein met venetiaans oliebollen (fritole venete) Mini chocoladecupcakes met venetiaanse narren (zonder gezicht, je weet nooit zijn ware aard) Amandelmaskers gemaakt van amandeldeeg en gebakken in de oven.
Venetiaans maskers gemaakt van koekjesdeeg met icing Chocolade cupcakes met venetiaanse narren, wederom zonder gezicht
Klein vruchtengebak met room op venetiaans aardewerk . Stapeltaart in venetiaans thema Venetiaans glas met zuppa inglese.



Hope you enjoyed and got inpsired by these beautiful festive tables. I am so very proud of my colleagues in Holland! There is still one day to enter the competition.. so stay tuned for more pretty party tables.I will create a gallery so you can see all the pictures  as a slide show. . but have to call in the help from my brother as i have noooo clue how to do that!

Please leave comments and show our contestants some love xx happy weekend to you all.













New Book

Hello! I am up to my knees in polka dots & candy stripes today as I am working on my first cake for the new book which celebrates the delicious trend of “dessert & sweet tables”.

 Todays cake will be the first of many until xmas when the manuscript is due.. a very tight deadline and suspect I will be not getting much sleep following months.







But! After tasting, baking & having all those yummies in my tummy I plan to curl up like a squirrel and hibernate into a winter sleep from january thru april when the book comes out.








Until then- I will share some tips I find myself with you as I go along.. so you too can create those beautiful dessert tables! Here’s the first; 


I want everything in this shop Mon Tresor. Literally everything! It’s a great resource for my Sweet Table Contest participants too! {Suzanna from Mon Tresor is also one of the judges!}

Happy shopping all- and enjoy your weekend xx

Sweet Table Contest Pressie

Dear Sweet Table lovers,

We are very happy to announce that we have reached the 1000th fan on facebooks’Sweet Table Contest page !

To thank you for your support, the Sweet Table Team has  decided to spoil you ! They have selected two cute patisserie inspired pressies* ! {* =gifts- living a few months in Sydney has totally corrupted me!}

So this week until  October 30th {10.30 PM} you can win {win– WIN!} a beautiful jewel from our artistic director’s shop Secret Velvet !

Marie designs beautiful jewelry. It is so yummy that no one can resist ! We invite you to discover her cute creations at Secret Velvet

You will have the choice between :

~ a pretty necklace “petit macaron” :

~ and a macaron brooch of your favourite flavor :










One of you will be the lucky one to receive one of these sweet presents. Everyone can participate, you just have to :

~ like the Sweet Table Contest facebook page
~ like the Secret Velvet facebook page
~ write a comment to inform us of your participation !

 Good luck to ma petite macarons! xx


PS- If you’re on Facebook – and haven’t checked out our page yet {you have haven’t you? from day one you right? right?! } Come on over y’all at Kuhne Cakes- we often post little notes here and there about things that inspire us. x

chocolate show

Grand Prize Sweet Table Contest

Bonjour – I have exciting news today!!!

The Grand Prize for the winner of the Sweet Table Contest has been revealed…

It’s a 1000 euro shopping spree {ooh lala!} at Chocolate Show- a tres chic french boutique where you may find all things pretty for your party.


The winner will crowned in the beginning of January.. and I have been eagerly checking my e-mail for your submissions..hope you are all busy baking, decorating and styling your way to the grand prize. The sooner you send in a picture of your sweet  table the better as it will be posted on both my website and the contest’mainwebsite.


If you are like me- and need more time than others to come up with a theme and execution here’s a link to the website of our Queenbee Amy Atlas, where she shares submissions from her admiring fans around the world.

Go on and browse her website- it’s so inspiring – she also shares her tips & tricks to create parties in style, now- don’t we just love her for that? Merci Amy.

I also wanted to let you know- that it’s ok to work with a team- you can work with your friends, photographers..graphic desginers. . it’s all good and more fun! Enjoy ! xx


Sweet Table Contest

I am beyond excited to share the launch of the Sweet Table Contest 2011!

The  contest launched last year in Europe when Lare, the founder from Paris {oui totally glamorous and chic!} had the positively brilliant idea of creating some buzz and awareness around the current sweet, pretty and gorgeous trend in event planning.

The European contest was such a success that for this year she decided to launch the …international edition ! We will be  inspired by the most beautiful  designed tables from around the world!

What is a Sweet Table ? Laure defines it as ”the art of decorating a party table so perfectly with details and precision that it can take months to set up.  A Sweet Table is imagined and drawn. Then come the organization, the search of the perfect cake, candies, sweets, decoration and gifts. All of them have to match with the chosen theme”

Ok so amongst other gorgeous criteria she had me at  “perfect execution”, “ details”, “cakes”,”candy”..I might have fainted there for a minute….It’s what I live for!

I am very honored to announce that I will be representing The Netherlands for the 2011 International Edition. As a judge I will oversee the submission process for our country. I just know that even though we are a small country we have some BIG talent!

It is a privilege to show the world what amazing talented we have and I am beyond excited to take part in this contest with you.

So Holland join me in showing off our talent and let’s get creative!

This contest is open to everyone who creates sweet tables as a hobby and is free to enter. The Process is very simple and include the following steps:

How to Enter?
1. Submit ONE high res colour photo of your dessert table
If you live in The Netherlands and you are not in the dessert tables design business and you are interested in entering the contest, simply take ONE high res photo of your dessert table and email it to monica@kuhnecakes.com by Friday, December 9. See some examples here. Please indicate your email subject as a: STC Submission.
2. Include your contact info in the email
Include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • City
  • Event Theme
  • Quick overview of the concept behind the design

3. Include a link to the rest of the images from your desert table ( this could be your blog, your picasa web album, flickr, facebook page, etc.) Please do not email more than ONE picture of your dessert table.

What happens after you enter?

1. Processing Submissions

I collect all of the submissions and submit them to the Sweet Table Contest Team. A very impressive International Jury Board from 16 countries around the world has been gathered to assess each of the entries based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Colours harmony
  • Presentation
  • Accordance with the chosen theme
  • Overall Look and Feel

2. Reveal of contestants

Once contest submissions are closed, the National Contestants will be revealed on the STC Website: http://sweettablecontest.com

3. Local Round

Each National Judge will vote for their 3 favourite Sweets Tables, in all countries except their own. The National Sweet Table winner will be the table with the most points.

4. The Finals

National Judges will vote for their 3 favorite National Sweet Table winners. The President of the Jury’s vote will count double. The 2011 Sweet Table Edition winner will be the table with the most points.


What’s in it for you?

This contest is a great way of showcasing your talents and sharing your beautiful creations with the world. Your work will be displayed on my blog and the Sweet Table Contest website. It is a great way to inspire and get inspired.

We are working on getting a Dutch sponsor on board who will provide the prize for our Dutch finalist. If you are interested in sponsoring and you would like to learn about the sponsorships benefits, please email me at monica@kuhnecakes.com The prize for the contest finalist will be provided by the Sweet Table Contest team from France.





Last year’s winner of the contest, Debs from Belle Amour wrote a fantastic blog post on how to put together a “winning entry”. There are some great ideas and tips that can help you with the planning and the design of your dessert table. Check it out here.


More Information
For more information about the contest or to view last year’s finalists from Europe, please go to the Sweet Tables Website: http://sweettablecontest.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow the contest on Twitter.

Zeeuwse Knop

This week I decorated a cake baked in the “Zeeuwse Knop” baking tin. For centuries the zeeuwse knop has been an essential part of the Zeeuwse traditional dress. Serving as buttons you could see them being worn almost everyday in Zeeland. Later after second world war diverse jewelry based on the button design gained popularity. Tinka Leene an artist living in Zeeland recently designed & brought to market the baking tin in the shape of the Zeeuwse Knop.

The baking tin has traveled beyond the Netherlands ~ and currently Tinka is working with all those Dutchies abroad that have baked their favorite recipe in the tin on a book publication.
It’s a very exciting, fun & promising project; you may find recipes, stories and pictures sent in all over the world!

Living in the UK I decided to bake a traditional Fruit Cake! I decorated it in Gold- following the Royal Wedding and it’s wedding cake made of Fruit Cake as well. But also decorated one with the Union Jack! I wonder which one Tinka will choose for her book. Which one do you like best?–>

 zeeuwse knop
Happy weekend to you all!

for more info on the baking tin visit www.zeeuwseknop.nl

Julia’s Wedding Cake

Last week I made a wedding cake for my friend Julia {& Shane}.
The only direction she gave me was that it had to be *colorful* ~ so much freedom is always a blessing… and a curse ~as for me simple daily choices such as choosing what to wear or what to order in a restaurant are a struggle!
But in the end I decided to keep it romantic, traditional white and draw in colors with ribbons, flowers & macarons.

Over cocktails & while sending Julia pictures of our sketches Esther {my super talented friend & chef Esther Röling / www.sugarandsalt.co.uk} and I came up with this concept;

Esther started baking 240 {!} macarons and I started working on the cakes {or rather making the sugar flowers!}

I wanted to make peonies ~but as the cutters seemed to be sold out everywhere i used a cattleya orchid petal cutter instead. You couldnt really tell {well maybe my flower hero Mr. Ron Ben Israel could} but the sides of the petal borders are equally scalloped & frilly so you can easily manipulate the petals to look like peonies.

I *must* remember to take the time for a proper photoshoot next time …but this late night pic while I was finishing the cake is the only one I have.. Happy Weekend to you all! xx

LemonCurd Recipe

My friend Mowie Kay is launching a delicious online foodmagazine and he asked me to illustrate some recipes. I spent today feeling like a 7 year old! ~sketching and with all those coloring pencils around me. I am sure once in the mag they will look more polished- brighter & shiny but here is the unedited version which I wanted to share with you and hope will get you inspired. Lemoncurd is one of my favorites. Sweet & Tangy.. Add 2 tbsp to your cakebatter for the best lemon cake *ever*. I will let you know once Mowie’s mag comes out ~you will be able to download the lemoncurd gift tags that I designed to go along with it ~meanwhile head over to http://www.mowiekay.comor www.mowielicious.com and be prepared to fall *In Love* xx

DIY Cake Stands

There’s something about Cake Stands that make me swoon..and it’s not just the sweets displayed on top of it, it’s the colors, the shape, the different heights and how they complement the cake- It’s a *throne* for our queen cake we spent hours {and hours} decorating! Wouldn’t it be great if you could have matching and unique cake stand with every cake you designed&decorated without breaking the bank? Yes! YES! So I found you these 2 links, with tutorials how to make your own stands: one with ceramic, and one with wood. I can already hear you casually say on your next party “oh those? the pastelcolored cake stands? oh..that’s just something I made myself” {say “designed” for more impact!} Both methods are super easy. I will give them a go myself. thinking it will also be cute to glue those pom pom trimmings you find in fabric/home furnishing stores around the edge of a cute individual wooden cup cake stand.

Wooden Cake Stand: http://beeinourbonnet.blogspot.com/2010/09/project-wedding-cake-stands.htmlCeramic:http://eatdrinkpretty.blogspot.com/2010/09/diy-cakestand-tutorial.html

Spring Cake

This week I wanted to work with fresh colors. Usually I work a lot with pastels, as they look so fragile, romantic & wedgwood chic.. but after a few weeks of grey london skies I was ready to bring some sunshine & spring into my kitchen!

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time working on the flowers so I came up with a flower that is really {no really!} easy to make, and more importantly… quick! It’s a cross between a ranunculus, peony and a buttercup. My favorites! You don’t need a lot of equipment or technique, not even a floralwire. Use only a few petals and fan them out/ let them bloom after the first round if you are pressed for time. For some I used 20+ petals but others just 12 and made them slightly larger and more in bloom with the same effect and less time. Here’s a tutorial: {click on the image to enlarge it} And Oh..! Dont’t fuss too much, these flowers look their best when they’re not picture purrrrfect!

Lovely Cake Scan (2)

Valentine’s Dessert Table Invite

After the illustration for the weekend bakers our friend Awatif asked us to illustrate a dessert table. She will host a Valentine’s Party for her friends this Sunday. We just love Sunday brunches! Even more so when there’s pastry and sweets !!! What a wonderful idea to invite her friends for Valentine’s Day! Awatif just recently started her own cake decorating biz; www.lovelycake.nl ~ Awatif is just lovely herself! Best of luck Awatif with your new biz and a very sweet valentine’s to you. x Saskya & Monica

Cup Cake Liners

Somehow while shopping at The Container Store in New York, those clever visual merchandising pros with their neat piles of clear containers in every size really sold me their concept… I loved it! I almost went as far as putting a single pair of shoes in a dedicated container for the night ~or a hairpin! imagine! in it’s own little cute container! Or that’s what I thought at the time.. I ended up with a sea of containers for my cake decorating tools.. and there’s one that really stands out; The Cup Cake Liners Container! You can see all the pretty colors & patterns thru the clear lid. I have the whole color spectrum in liners ~and then patterns, polka dots and candystripes — oh and the themed! valentines, halloween.. I could go on an on. I have no idea why I keep ordering. A girl can never have too many cup cake liners now can she?? But I have so many ~ I could build a house out of cup cake liners! No. A Castle!…and still have enough left to bake cupcakes for the whole street at the housewarming! So you see, I was really happy with Anna & Blue Paperie alternative creative ideas for using them beyond baking …
 via Martha Stewart

Valentine’s Card for The Weekend Bakers

Following my last post, Marieke asked me to illustrate a Valentine’s Card for them reading “Lots of Loaf”{ “Lots of Love”}.

Marieke and Ed are artisan bakers in Amsterdam. I adore them, they own over 150 cook books,they knead, proof, feed starters, make marmalade, experiment, bake, whisk and just putter around in their kitchen every weekend from their secret location.  Yes– secret, they’re underground bakers. Sounds cool and trendy no? It is! They are! Only those in the know are lucky enough to taste these rockstars homebaked goodness… But they share all their recipes online: www.weekendbakery.com

I added a pink umbrella for Marieke, not only as she lives in rainy holland, but also as she loved the pink ruffled cake we posted earlier, so had to include one! And for Ed? Poor Ed, I just realized that this might be all a tad girly, but added a pile of coffee cups for him as they are also passionate about coffee. {Ed, if you look closely you will see on the left.. one cup ~in the middle ~has just navy blue stripes.. that one is just for you! } 

You can download the Valentine’s Card here and print any size for your friends & family you want to wish a Happy Valentines with Lots of Loaf : Lots of Loaf Download


Sweet Valentine Cards

We’ve been working on Valentines Cards for you to download free, print on card stock/heavy paper and mail out to your secret crush or prince/ess.

Here’s a little sneak peek. We’d love to hear from you– any special designs or copy you would like to see? Perhaps we’ll draw up a personal customized card just for you.. Let us know!


Christmas Bread Recipe

This is truly my favorite time of the year.. ! Tomorrow I am leaving for Holland and I can’t wait to see my family!

We cook & bake a lot .. all we really do is spend most of our time in the kitchen and around the table and be very very merry.. ! I am having kind of a cooking debut this year, as it is the first time I am allowed to cook with Saskya on Boxing Day… we all seem to be kind of terriotrial in the kitchen but this is the first time {!} our mother allows us to cook! I took my chance at this generosity and asked for the one and only xmas bread recipe she always bakes… and even that wish was granted..

It is soo moist and delicious ~the baking aromas filling the kitchen on christmasmorning will bring back many happy  memories.. So, here it is dear baking friends. Have yourself a very sweet and merry christmas.

Love, Saskya & Monica

Click on this ChristmasCard (1) link for the Recipe xx

Taart! Book GiveAway

When we set up our Facebook Page we hoped it would serve a little bit as a platform for our cake friends.. We would share news but hoped others would too and we would all fall in love with eachother.

We would really love to see you share pics of your cakes, cookies, whoopie pies.. just anything sweet..but also, recipes, ideas, inspiration..

Please dont be shy.. Post! We know you all have been baking & decorating or will shortly now that xmas is around the corner. Wouldnt it be fun to connect with others?
Share your sweet treats and make new facebookfriends? Yes, we are very much getting into the christmas spirit here ~I think I used the word Share several times now, But ..
We would love to see your work, or a new recipe.. and to encourage you a little we are giving away 2 copies of our book this month.. to those who upload and receive the most “likes”.

So post a picture of your sweet treats, or share  your best cookie recipe you think we should all try here .. and lets all make new friends! Invite your current friends to join and like your post.

We will mail out the book just in time for xmas! For our International Friends, we purchased the new Biscuiteers Cookie Decorating Book as a gift!

Ruffle Cake via Martha Stewart

Ruffle Cake Tutorial

Remember the post with the Pink Ruffle Cake? Since, I have been obsessing over it.. It’s just piped frosting but looks so darn pretty. I just found us a video tutorial so that thanks to “My Sweet Saucy” we can now all make it!

Oh, and here’s another link with recipes and how to from ….The Mothership : Martha.

Holiday Table Centerpiece

bobette&belle macaron towerI just thought of the best x-mas table centre piece…all by myself, hope Martha will be proud of me! Here it goes… cover a styrofoam cone with fondant and decorate with multicolored macarons. It will be the sweetest xmas tree ever! And so trendy, I think I want one in each room! You could decorate petit fours with small ribbons and scatter them around the macaron tree as little presents for your dinner guests.

Here’s a link to macaron towers of Bobbette & Belle for some inspiration. {they make gorgeous cakes as well!}
{image via bobette & belle. 5ive15ifteen}

DIY Jam Labels

Image via EatDrinkChic~ Eat Drink Chic ~

not only a few of our favorite things but a website created by Amy Moss, a graphic designer turned style blogger. Now, I know that we throw our arms around just about anyone that blogs about all things food & fashion but we are sure you will like Amy too. Her designs are divine and ..free {yes, my fellow country-men and women…*free*} Just click on the link to download beautiful tags to package your own home made marmelade. They are absolutely gorgeous ~a special martha stewart moment in your very own kitchen guaranteed! Thank you Amy!  xo Saskya & Monica


I like Big Bundts

It’s Bundt Day Today ~ What?  Bundt.  Day.   Who knew? Not me… But thanks to Mary the Foodlibrarian we do – now. Mary has been baking her way thru a month ..one bundt cake a day! She named her project I Like Big Bundts. {And I cannot lie!} Haha that’s just Crazy Cool. I cracked me up, Brilliant ~  I cant stop saying BIG Bundt since,really Bundt cakes will never be the same for me again. I am calling all Publishers to take this manuscript and get us the I like Big Bundts Baking Book. She kept a blog with all her recipes & somewhere around Halloween she wrote:

“Happy Happy Halloween! I’m losing it. I’m halfway done with I Like Big Bundts, damnit.” But she did it. All Bundts are posted on her blog, and they are not only Big but also Bundtalicious. Happy Bundt Day to you. xo


*Gasp* Ruffles.. PINK Ruffles..

Pleeease promise to sit down before you click on the link I am about the share of  RubyJu’s Dessert Table & Candy Buffet ..

Promise!…Yes?  Ok.

Pink Ruffle Cake..Strawberry Milk…Cake Pops and Decorated Cookies…and so gorgeous it’s Scandalous!

We do hope we have a little special place in your heart and you will come back to see us because we are sending you off to another website ~ risking you will fall out of love with us ..and head over heels with Bec & Tammi,but it’s all worth it because these two ladies styled the most beautiful birthday party ever.. forget Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You ~ Because All I Want for Christmas is this!   please take a seat…



Sweet crafters, making my way thru Harrods Food Halls yesterday I was drawn like a magnet to these little tin boxes filled with decorated cookies by Biscuiteers. When it comes to food I really let myself loose.. but when on top of this its beautifully packaged..well then I just go out of control..{really marketeers/ brandmanagers must love me, they could sell me a box or bag of crap air with an outrageous pricetag, as long as it comes in tissue paper, ribbons and a pretty box, I will get one, and then some for my friends} ~ so I just might have uttered Oooooh and.. Aaaaah …out loud~several times when I set eyes on the bisuiteers tins, which are filled with smashingly dressed cookies.

Biscuiteers have also just published a cookie decorating book with original & fabulous cookie designs, and thought this might be something you’d also want to add to your Dear Santa-wishlist. Here’s their website: http://www.biscuiteers.com/

Maison Ladurée

Ma chérie, by know you must know all about our passionate liaison d’amour avec Maison Ladurée..
Seems like Santa came early this year as we just found out that their baking book has been translated into English ~ and even though the recipes in french will make you feel very sexy in the kitchen, the english edition will …be a lot more practical.

It’s simply divine, wrapped in tissue paper and their signature chic boxes you will find their secret recipe for éclairs, madeleines, brioche and oui also macarons…!

It was translated by Kerrin Rousset, a New Yorker living in Switzerland, here’s a link to her blog with a nice short read on the book + a recipe for Kouglof, by Ladurée Pastry Chef Philippe Andrieu.


Party Baking & Styling

We visited the Birmingham Cake International Show yesterday and wanted to share this pretty little find with you; sweet stylish baking cups from Paper Eskimo. There are many cup cake wrappers out there, but these are special…as you can actually pour your batter in it, bake them ..and..they will come out of the oven as pretty and color…ful as they went in.

Use them for cup cakes, mini muffins or a double {triple!} scoop of ice cream. Also check out their other styling essentials for your next designer worthy party.. we loved their paper gift bags and party flags!


Whoopie Pie

Move over Cup Cake…there’s a new Whoopie Pie in Town!

We’ve seen decorated cakes & cup cakes take Europe by storm, closely followed by Cake Pops – then – even mon chic french ami Le macaron went mainstream at McDonalds {here, I am struggling to hold back the tears, that’s just wrong, non?! poor delicate macarons, …they must have been soo lonely & unhappy there, far away… from their pastel colored maison Ladurée} ~ and now we have the latest craze : The Whoopie Pies! What a Crazy Happy name for comfort food! According to food historians, Amish women would bake these and put them in farmers’ lunchboxes as a surprise. When farmers would find these treats in their lunch, they would shout “Whoopie!”.

They look like oreos, but are made of cake and filled with sweet & creamy frosting. So you can, just as with cup cakes, play with colors ~and even sprinklers!WooHoo for Whoopies!

 Here’s a link
to Bakerella’s whoopie pie recipe and how to:



{image via williams sonoma}

P is for…

P is for… * pretty * perfection * party * pink * posh * pastel * patisserie*

P e g g y P o r s c h e n

but also.. * Parlour * …
Peggy’s new Boutique On 116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London. Ooooh?

Yes, you can just drop in for tea and nibble on the beautiful pastry;freshly baked cupcakes, cookies and confections ~someone please Pinch me! it’s so pretty. and pink. I must go soon, In a Petticoat. Congratulations on the opening Peggy!

Caramel Apples

Halloween is coming up and we thought Candied/Caramel Apples would be the perfect sweet {kind of} healthy treat. Blushing & all dressed up in a bow they will also look very pretty as table decoration ~ they have the same nostalgic carnival effect on me as cotton candy! Besides it’s apple season so you will find not only the best apples but also those cute little baby ones. The only thing you need to make is caramel. Dishes? Only one small saucepan. Prep & Cooking Time? Just 10 minutes. Ah! We knew you’djust love that.

  • 10 lollipopsticks
  • 10 small apples
  • 1 cup / 225 g sugar
  • …1/2 cup / 115 g unsalted butter
  • 2/3 cup / 150 ml heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp dark molasses {if you cant find this, like maple syrup, you can omit it and use half muscovato dark brown sugar – half reg. sugar}
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

Stir all ingredients in a deep saucepan, bring to boil and heat until 236 F / 113 C. {be careful & keep little ones at a safe distance, temperature is verry hot!}
Remove from heat and let it cool down to 180 F. / 83 C.

{no it’s not you. no need for reading glasses…
just a blurry iphone camera image, sorry}

Push the lollipopsticks in the apples and dip them in the caramel. Let the apples cool completely. You will have a little caramel left for your ice cream this weekend.
xo saskya & monica

Quick Flowers

We had soo much fun in Holland at the cake trade show~imagine 3000 very bubbly & happy cake decorators in one room~oh boy! We wanted to bring 5 decorated cakes but just barely finished 3.. does that sounds familiar? It always seems to take up more time that we anticipate.. So when I was working on 30 hand made sugar roses….. petal by petal {tik tak} I had to come up with an alternative to decorate the border~and wanted to share this short cut with you: first – serial eat 3 boxes of toffifee chocolates {they’re caramel & chocolate cups filled with a hazelnut! yuhum!! you can do that, we just know you can} then cut out 5 petals flowers of thin gumpaste and in just 30 minutes you are not only somewhat queasy from the chocolates~but you have a very pretty and quick flower border for your cake!

 xo saskya and monica